WxOps WorldWind Earth (WWE) demo & data

Instructions for loading JRE and project distribution package available at WorldWind Earth Home Page

A. Sample test data WWE-11.kmz
which is composed of the following layers:
- AWC B1 SigWx Chart
- WWLN 6 hr
- UWisc IR Satellite Composite

B. We are publishing the Hurricane Dolly (2008) COLLADA kmz for WWE animation testing:
- Dolly.kmz

C. WWE Version 0.6.2 Operations Manual

D. JRE ready distribution of the project (assumes JRE 8.x installed):
- WWE062_dist.zip (extract to a local folder and open RUNME.BAT

E. Under terms of NASA SBIR Phase 1 Contact NNX16CA30P, the WWE software source, documentation and test data are released for public use and inspection at:
- https://github.com/NASAWorldWindResearch/WxOps-WorldWind

F. Here is a dotNet utility for testing the COM API emulation (getPOV, setPOV):
- comapi1.exe (digitally signed)

Please direct technical comments and queries either through the github repository (as permitted), or contact
- Dr. Scott T. Shipley, WxOps CIO, at sshipley@wxops.com

For other information, please contact the following:
- Mark D. Spence, WxOps CEO, at mspence@wxops.com
- Albert Peterlin, WxOps COO, at apeterlin@wxops.com
- Dr. Richard H. Mogford, NASA COTR, ARC, at richard.mogford@nasa.gov

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