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About WxOps

Serving the Transportation Logistics Community

WxOps, Inc. was formed on July 11, 2010 as a Corporation in the State of Hawaii to provide weather and logistics support services to Government and Commercial customers worldwide. The WxOps brand was derived from shareholder corporations WxAnalyst and SystemOperations. The guiding goals and purpose for WxOps draws heavily on a White Paper for Aviation Safety prepared for the FAA Chief Aircraft Architect, see Shipley, Spence, et al. (2010). WxOps enjoyed a twelve-year contractual relationship with Hawaiian Airlines supporting Dispatch, Maintenance and Fuel Efficiency operations, and is proud of the zero-incident record achieved by Hawaiian Airlines during that period.

WxOps moved to the State of North Carolina on 25 October, 2016. Developed and licensed cockpit weather/logistics applications for Hawaiian Airlines Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) under the OpsTablet Trademark. Developed advanced techniques for Aviation Safety under two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants with NASA. Teamed with InMarSat to promote satellite communication applications for aviation operations, which is summarized in an invited WxOps presentation to the Inmarsat Aviation Conference in Chengdu, China, see Shipley (2019).

WxOps intellectual property is detailed and protected under three patents, which are available for licensing, see US Patents 9,564,055 (2017), 9,672,747 (2017) and 9,916,764 (2018).