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WxOps Services

Serving the Transportation Logistics Community

SME Consulting Services

Mr. Mark D. Spence – Dispatch operations, primarily in the area of Airline Operational Control (AOC). Forensic studies for post-event aviation incident analysis. Procedures and recommendations for aviation safety and aviation incident prediction, avoidance and recovery.

Dr. Scott T. Shipley – R&D in weather operations, weather data product creation and transmission, and digital data provision and communications with Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) systems.

Weather & Logistics Information Services

WxOps provides custom real-time weather data products to point of use, including supporting data for situational awareness, transportation safety, and efficiency.

WxOps Patent Licensing

Shipley, S.T. and M.D. Spence (2018) Common Operating Environment for Aircraft Operations with Air-to-Air Communications, US Patent No. 9,916,764B2.

Shipley, S.T. and M.D. Spence (2017) Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), US Patent No. 9,672,747.

Shipley, S.T., M.D. Spence, and G.P. Ellrod (2017) Transported Turbulence, US Patent No. 9,564,055.

Sole Source Contract Vehicles

NASA SBIR 2015-1 A3.03-8717, Transported Turbulence during Climb, Cruise and Descent, PI Gary Ellrod, NASA Contract NNX15CA60P.

NASA SBIR 2016-1 A3.03-7315, Integration of 4D Airline Operation Control Systems into NextGen and the NAS, PI Dr. Scott Shipley, NASA Contract NNX16CA30P.